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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Population ecological genetics of Patelloida pygmaea based on mitochondrion 16S rDNA fragment sequences in the Bohai sea
Author of the article:SHI Boyang1, LI Yuanyuan1, WANG Ruxiao1, QU Jiangyong1, 2*, GUO Chenghua1, *, LIU Chuanlin1, HOU Jia
Author's Workplace:1. College of Life Sciences, Yantai University, Yantai, 264005, China; 2. Hainan Key Laboratory for Herpetological Research, Hainan Tropical Ocean University, Sanya, 572000, China
Key Words:Patelloida pygmaea; 16SrRNA; Ecological genetical; Genetic diversity
Abstract:The relationship between genetic diversity and environmental factors of 15 Patelloida pygmaea populations in the Bohai sea was studied by PCR and direct sequencing. A total of 264 polymorphic loci were found in the 16S rRNA partial sequence of the 180 individuals. 153 transitions and 114 transversions were defined by 32 haplotypes. The base content was C (18.12%), T (27.74%), A (33.07%), and G (21.07%). The haplotype diversity 0.8351±0.0191, nucleotide diversity 0.449±0.214. Patelloida pygmaea population nucleotide diversity of coast (0.1918±0.0917) higher than island(0.1073±0.0816), results of population demographic history indicatied that populations of P. pygmaea appear to have experienced recent demographic expansion. The correlation between environmental factors and genetic factors showed that genetic distance, sequence variation and nucleotide diversity were significantly positively correlated with sunshine duration and sunshine percentage (P<0.05); The correlation of morphological showed that the main components (length L, width W) from principal component analysis were significant negative correlation with annual average precipitation. Average annual precipitation, sunshine duration and sunshine percentage is the dominant factor of P. pygmaea morphological variation, genetic diversity, and the more stable environment, the higher the genetic diversity of population.
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