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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Director:Sichuan Association for Science and Technology
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Study on Preventive Effect on Lysozyme and Cecropin of Skin Fester Disease of Trionyx sinensis
Author of the article:CHEN Chun-shan, GUO Ming-lei, WEI Kai, MA long, GENG Yan
Author's Workplace:Beijing Aquatic Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, Beijing, 102100
Key Words:lysozyme; cecropin; skin fester disease of Trionyx sinensis; prevention
Abstract:In order to study the preventive effect on peptides and biological antibiotics of skin fester disease of Trionyx sinensis, three different groups of lysozyme (10mg/kg), cecropin (10mg/kg) and the mixed drugs (6mg/kg and 5mg/kg, respectively) have been used for intramuscular injection and observe the preventive effect of skin fester disease of Trionyx sinensis caused by Aeromonas encheleia. On this basis, through calculating the mortality rate and the protection rate to evaluate the protective effects of different drugs. Detecting agglutination titer of serum, phagocytosis and bactericidal activity of serum to compare the effects of different drugs on immunity and disease resistance of Trionyx sinensis. Comparing the residual concentration of gentamicin and lysozyme to evaluate drug toxic and side effects. The results indicated that the group of mixed drugs had a significant difference(P<0.01), which was the most effective for protection and immunity of Trionyx sinensis. Analysis of drug residue showed that lysozyme finished the whole metabolism 6 days later, in contrast, gentamicin still had residue until Day 12. Therefore, the preventive effect of mixed drugs is significantly better than antibiotics in skin fester disease of Trionyx sinensis. In addition, mixed drugs of lysozyme and cecropin are worthy of spreading to application in virtue of no drug residue and other side effects, especially avoiding the damage caused by abuse of antibiotics.
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