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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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The primary study of the relationship between body size, sex ratio and bird song in Varied Tits
Author of the article:ZHAO Tingting1, LIU Yan1, ZHANG Zhiwei1, HUO Yapeng1, LIN Jingfeng2, WAN Dongmei1, YIN Jiangxia1,*
Author's Workplace:1. Key Laboratory of Animal Resource and Epidemic Disease Prevention, Department of Life Sciences, Liaoning University; Shenyang 110036, China; 2. Xianrendong Nature Reserve; Dalian 116400, China
Key Words:Bird song; Body size; Sex ratio; Varied tits
Abstract:Bird song is an important behavior in birds, with great evolutionary and ecological implications. It is one of the best effective ways for communication among individuals within the bird communities. This has an significant relationships between bird song and individual intrinsic factors (body size, sex ratio). To examine the relationship between the singing behavior of varied tits and body size or sex ratio, we recorded the songs of varied tits (Parus varius varius) between March and June in 2014-2015 at Xianrendong Nature Reserve, Liaoning province. The body sizes of varied tits were measured and sex ratio was calculated based on poverserved, we found: (1) there was positive relationship between integrated morphological measurement and maximum frequency of bird song; (2) there was positive relationship between sex ratio and duration of verse of bird song. This study rich small birds body size relationships with singing, and the relationship between the song and offspring sex ratio at nest.
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